Getting your project from idea to distribution is mainly what we focus on here at Been RAW Catalogs, we understand having to play all parts when trying to break into the industry rather to move with a low budget or that you trust your own instincts; Been RAW Catalogs will be there to administrate and lend the needed information to quickly guide your entertainment project to a point of mass distribution. We do not guarantee success; these projects are yours and we only add when instructed because your original idea and vision is what makes every experience a good experience. This is also a way of putting out new content that can influence a whole new market of customers. We want to be at the forefront when new content grabs a new audience.







Content Management


We have invested in new content to be published, not accepting unsolicited material but projects that we consult on are mostly what we acquire; we have met the talent, understand their vision and level of involvement, and the idea/talent has what we feel will ultimately be successful. Visit the SUBMIT page for more info about getting notice by Been RAW Catalogs.








Modeling/Talent development


We develop Models/Talent in-house to ultimately publish with other organizations. Visit Been RAW Models Catalog.







Sounds Services


For Music Production, Audio Mixing, Original Music, Score Composition Visit SOUNDS.







Street Team


LA Living is always being able to walk the beach with friends and enjoy a great day; you may even meet a new person or two. Why not do that wearing Been RAW Catalog hats and shirts selling or giving out merchandise; we compensate our Been RAW Street Team participants please tell us the info below in a quick EMAIL with a picture of yourself and what you plan to get out of connecting with BRST and what you expect to be compensated.






Open Hours:

Social Media optional:

Transportation (Yes/No) not required:



Been Raw Street Team Description:


Selling Merchandise/Giving Out Merchandise/ Soliciting Surveys in heavily populated shopping centers and beaches in the Los Angeles area mostly on weekends and holidays; 3 and a half hours max. Must have outgoing personality, don’t mind meeting new people and asking questions; a person that can represent the look and culture of our company.



Thanks For Your Time,